To Mr. Casualpasserby, and my dear Dr. Roleplayer, I bid thee welcome... to The Supplemental Registries.


So what are these Supplemental Registries anyway, you ask? What's all the hubbub about? Well, I'm glad you've come to me seeking answers, young potatski! For these Registries are just the most splendidly charming thing, and I will quite enjoy chatting your ear off about them.

To put things horrifically simply, this is the place where we've gathered, compiled, categorized, screened, & otherwise documented as much of the statistical/historical data about the nations of the NS NPO Roleplay as we could. While that might sound like a lot of data to process (it was), we've formatted it all in such a way that it should be easy for you to quickly reference any data you may be seeking - be it government budgets, language distribution, political maps, government officials, etc etc etc.

In terms of organization, every Registry is filed under one of the following Registry Groups:

  • Societal Registries
  • Economic Registries
  • Geographic Registries
  • Past Tech Registries
  • Political Registries
  • Warfare Registries

All you have to do is click on one of those links above to start browsing the information most interesting to you -- alternately, if you are looking for a particular Registry you have in mind, I suggest you look for it here, in the Table of Contents.

Now, none of this is anywhere close to a substitute for talking with any of the Roleplayers directly - you should really reach out to them sometime, as most don't bite and they're all a lovely bunch whom I'd gladly invite over to share a basket of french-fries (if they didn't live all over the globe, that is). However, what this is meant to be is a handy reference tool, as well as a way to preserve data should anyone undergo the horrors of CTE'ing.

Disclaimer Edit

To be clear, RPers don't have to have their religion/resources/etc. in the registries to RP with them of course, these are just for those who want everyone to see their work and have it posted alongside others' work as well. Plus, you get to know your nation and people a bit better!

These Registries are like a... well, like a handful of small potatoes really - there are a thousand different ways to use them, and the only limit is your own imagination. We hope you enjoy them!

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